US doctors have calculated the day and time of a person’s sudden death

According to the conclusions of foreign researchers, the “internal clock” in the body not only determines how much a person sleeps, what time he or she goes to bed and wakes up, but can also indicate the likelihood of death.

As the Daily Mail reports, citing researchers from Harvard Medical School, an analysis of existing data has shown that people are most likely to die at 11 a.m.

“In general, the likelihood of dying at night is significantly lower and begins to increase in the early morning,” Pronews reports, citing the researchers.

Prof. Clifford Saper of Harvard Medical School believes that “there is a gene that predicts the time of death.” “It is not a specific non-date, but the time of day,” he clarified.

As for the day of the week when the risk of premature death is highest, it is Saturday, the researchers said, citing an analysis of 39 million deaths between 1999 and 2004. Such data medics have associated with taking illegal drugs, automobile accidents and crime, among other things.

Quite a few deaths are recorded during vacations and holidays, as well as the time of preparation for celebrations. “Especially dangerous is seen as the period between Christmas and New Year”, – said Professor David Phillips.

Earlier, cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeon Alexei Utin deconstructed the results of the new work of American researchers. According to the conclusions of experts, the probability of premature death by 20-30% increase the errors associated with poor diet, alcohol abuse, poor sleep hygiene and stress.